Shandong Guanxian fenqi Bearing Co., Ltd. (registered trademark FQN), located in Guanxian Industrial Park, Shandong Province, is a professional manufacturer of mounted ball bearing UCP, UCF, UCFL, UCFC, UCFB, UCPA, UCFA, UCFS, UCPH with cast iron housing, and mount bearing unit SUCP, SUCF, SUCFL, SUCH with stainless steel housing, as well as the insert bearing UC, UK, HC, SB, SA types, all the above mentioned we can supply metric and inch size standard, which are produced in strict accordance with the international quality system standard with excellent equipment and perfect detection means. High precision, high performance and high reliability are the tenets we always adhere to. Excellent product quality and zero quality defects are our goal.

Our Featured products

1. Mounted ball bearing unit, 

2. Insert ball bearing, 

3. Stainless steel bearing unit,
4. Plastic bearing unit, 

5. Agricultural bearings, 

6. Tapered roller bearing, 

7. Deep groove ball bearing

Due to its reliability, simplicity and easy installation, the mounted ball bearing unit produced by FQN bearing is widely used in agricultural machinery, industrial fan, woodworking machinery, mining equipment, textile machinery, elevator, packaging machinery, construction machinery, fitness equipment, Mechanical parking garage, engineering machinery, processing and automation equipment and other fields.


In 2019, FQN Bearing started its own export business and set up an office in Liaocheng District, mainly responsible for the export of bearing products and the maintenance of customers.


In 2017, the factory was renamed Fenqi Bearing. The plant has a construction area of 7000 square meters and more than 100 employees. It produces a full range of spherical bearings with various materials, tapered roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings.


In 2009, with the increase of business volume, the number of employees increased to 15 people, the products began to supply the domestic market and export enterprises, and began to process for the well-known Mounted ball bearing unit brand in Quanzhou.


In 2005, the predecessor of Fenqi Bearing, a small family workshop, mainly produced bearing housing for nearby markets.

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