Tapered roller bearing

Tapered roller bearings are separate bearings. Both the inner and outer rings of the bearing have tapered raceways. This type of bearing is divided into single, double and four-row tapered roller bearings according to the number of rollers installed. Single-row tapered roller bearings can support radial loads and axial loads in one direction. When the bearing is subjected to a radial load, an axial component will be generated, so when another bearing that can bear the axial force in the opposite direction is needed to be balanced.

Tapered roller bearings refer to radial thrust rolling bearings in which the rolling elements are tapered rollers. There are two kinds of small cone angle and large cone angle. The small cone angle mainly bears the combined radial and axial loads mainly with radial loads. It is often used in pairs and installed in reverse. The inner and outer races can be installed separately. The radial and axial clearance can be adjusted during installation and use; The large cone angle mainly bears the axial and radial combined loads, which are mainly axial loads. Generally, it is not used alone to support pure axial loads. When configured in pairs (installed with the same name opposite), it can bear pure radial loads.

The single-row tapered roller bearing's ability to withstand axial load depends on the contact angle, that is, the outer ring raceway angle. The larger the angle, the greater the axial load capacity. The most used tapered roller bearings are single-row tapered roller bearings. In the front wheel hub of the car, a small double-row tapered roller bearing is used. Four-row tapered roller bearings are used in heavy machines such as large cold and hot rolling mills.

The outer ring (or inner ring) of a double-row tapered roller bearing is a whole. The two small inner end faces of the inner ring (or outer ring) are close to each other, and there is a spacer in the middle. The clearance is adjusted by the thickness of the spacer. The thickness of the spacer can also be used to adjust the pre-interference of the double-row tapered roller bearing.

Four-row tapered roller bearings, the performance of this bearing is basically the same as double-row tapered roller bearings, but the radial load is greater than double-row tapered roller bearings, the limit speed is slightly lower, mainly used in heavy machinery.

The basic dimensions of FQN tapered roller bearings are listed in the dimensional data sheet,

Single-row tapered roller bearings:

Inner diameter size range: 20mm~1270mm

Outer diameter range: 40mm~1465mm

Width size range: 15mm~240mm

Double-row tapered roller bearings:

Inner diameter size range: 38mm~1560mm

Outer diameter range: 70mm~1800mm

Width size range: 50mm~460mm

Four-row tapered roller bearings:

Inner diameter size range: 130mm~1600mm

Outer diameter size range: 200mm~2000mm

Width size range: 150mm~1150mm

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